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My Journey to Finding a Forever Home: A Dog’s Experience of Being Adopted


"Mom, can you tell me again how you chose me from the litter of puppies?" I asked eagerly. She smiled sadly and replied, "You were the only one left in the litter, my dear..."

Hello everyone, my name is Pupu, and I proudly claim the title of being the most handsome dog in the world. I often ask my mom to retell the story of how she chose me from that litter of puppies. I always believed it would be a heartwarming and emotional tale. However, my mom's words quickly halted the tears welling up in my eyes as she reminded me that I was the only one left...

PUPU is playing outdoor

In my memories, I recall that it was nearing the end of the year when my intended owner, due to unforeseen circumstances, could no longer bring me home. All my siblings had happily left with their new moms and dads to celebrate the holiday season. And there I was, all by myself in the kennel. But really, it was nothing to worry about. I was perfectly fine being on my own. I had already envisioned myself as a carefree and charming Border Collie, captivating countless little beauties with my charm. As this idea gradually took shape in my mind, one evening I was suddenly informed that I had found a home. The next day at noon, I was taken to my new family. What a surprise! It felt like waking up from a dream of being a powerful CEO, only to realize that it was just a dream. But since things turned out this way, let me give you a brief introduction to my family. There's a beautiful Ragdoll sister at home, she's stunning but a bit aloof. I adore her and love playing with her. Later, a little Ragdoll brother joined our family. If it weren't for the fact that I saw a glimmer of handsomeness in him that came close to rivaling my own, how could I let him have a higher status in the family than me? But I must say, Mom has a great sense of aesthetics. Our whole family is filled with handsome guys and beautiful girls. Hehe, I'm not being conceited, I truly am very handsome. Mom often calls me a silly little dog, but I know that she doesn't truly think I'm foolish. As a boy, I am determined to protect Mom, my sister, and my brother. I know that Mom loves me very much, and I will always love her too.

Pupu's childhood

In the years that followed, I discovered the true meaning of family, love, and loyalty. Together with my beautiful sister and mischievous brother, we created countless cherished memories filled with joy and laughter.

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