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The Journey of Naidou: From a Puppy to a Blissfully Happy Dog


Hey everyone, it's Naidou! Welcome to my blog, where I'm going to share my incredible journey from being a little puppy to becoming the happiest dog in the world. They call me Naidou because when my mommy first held me, she thought my eyes were like little beans, and my tiny voice was adorable. Hence, the name Naidou stuck with me! But wait, there's more to my story.

Naidou’s childhood

A Brave Start The bravest thing I ever did was when I was just a month old. Imagine this – I flew a whopping 2000 kilometers all by myself! The dark and confined cabin was intimidating, with sounds I had never heard before. I admit, I was a bit scared too. But guess what? As soon as I landed, I saw my mommy, and it felt like destiny. I didn't know what "fate" meant before, but from that first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was my human. Despite the initial fright, my courageous spirit helped me overcome the fears.

Finding Home Mommy's house was filled with other furry friends, and it instantly assured me that my parents were compassionate souls. Only such loving people would take care of so many of us. Though I was new to the new home, I never felt alone. The warmth and love from my family and furry siblings made me feel cherished.

Mummy is playing with Naidou

Conquering the Darkness Dark places sometimes reminded me of unpleasant memories. The courage I had in darkness seemed to fade away on that flight to my mommy. Thankfully, my daddy was there for me. He cuddled me, slept with me on the couch for a month, and supported me in adjusting to the environment. I truly adore my mommy and daddy for showering me with love and care.

A Star in the Making As I grew up, I surprised everyone by earning money to buy treats for my parents. Yep, that's me, Naidou, the little dog superstar! But you see, just like every other dog, the happiest moments for me are when I go out and play with my family. My tiny paws have been on numerous adventures, exploring mountains, rivers, lakes, and the sea. Even when I'm at home, I enjoy the warmth and care from my mommy, daddy, older siblings, and human siblings.

Naidou's happy family

Embracing My Destiny Mommy says we dogs have a natural connection with nature, but I personally believe I was destined to be with my mommy. I feel like the luckiest dog in the world. I am Naidou, and I love my mommy and daddy immensely. I also hope that all my furry friends out there find their own loving forever homes, just like I did.

That concludes my journey so far, dear friends. From being a little puppy to becoming a contented and joyful dog with an amazing family, life has been spectacular. Stay tuned for more updates and adventures from my doggie world. Remember, love knows no boundaries, and it's incredible how a little pup like me can bring so much happiness to a family. Until next time, woof woof!


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