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Fairs | LaRoo Illuminates Beijing: A Star at the Petfari Asia-Beijing Selective Show in 2023

On April 26th and 27th, 2023, the capital city of China, Beijing, welcomed pet industry enthusiasts and major wholesalers for the Petfari Asia-Beijing Selective Show. Among the participants, LaRoo stood out, unveiling its latest luminous pet pendant.

The corridors of the expo resonated with murmurs of appreciation as onlookers from the pet industry were magnetically drawn to LaRoo's booth. Their latest innovation, a light-emitting pet pendant, was not just a product but a statement of creativity, capturing the essence of modern pet accessories.

While the Petfari Asia-Beijing Selective Show may be more intimate in scale compared to other events, its significance is profound. Gathering the crème de la crème of China's domestic wholesalers, its impact on market penetration is pivotal. For LaRoo, this was not just an exhibition; it was an affirmation of its rising prominence in the pet industry.

The event was a testament to LaRoo's commitment to innovation and quality. As the curtains closed on the expo, one thing was certain: LaRoo isn't just lighting up its pendants; it's illuminating its path in the pet industry.


Team LaRoo

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