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A Chance Encounter: My Journey with MUMU, the Border Collie

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

The MUMU's name card

In the summer of 2022, I stumbled upon MUMU, an adorable Border Collie, through a chance encounter on Little Red Book. It was evident that MUMU was going through a difficult life at that time, and my heart was deeply touched. I made the decision to bring Momo home and provide it with a warm and loving family. Our first meeting took place on a scorching July day. The ground was hot enough to burn one's feet, and MUMU was drooling, giving it a slightly silly appearance. The foster caregiver attempted to showcase its skills, but MUMU refused to cooperate. However, the moment I opened the car door, it immediately hopped in, clearly drawn to the allure of the air conditioning. This small gesture revealed its intelligence and independent nature.

MUMU is playing the toy

On the first day at home, MUMU seemed visibly nervous, constantly scrutinizing me as if afraid of making a mistake. It would only eat when we were around, never touching its food when it was alone at home. I surmised that this behavior stemmed from its previous life as a stray. Determined to shower it with love, I became even more empathetic towards Momo. MUMU proved to be an incredibly well-behaved dog. It valued cleanliness and hygiene, never relieving itself inside the house. It didn't destroy furniture or chew on slippers. When I left for work during the day, MUMU would obediently sleep at home. Every time I said "play ball," it would fetch it and come over, nudging for petting. I'd praise it each time, and it would happily wag its tail.

MUMU is smiling in garden

During our walks, MUMU would match my pace and never chase after cars or impulsively lunge at people. When there was nobody around, I would let it run freely, but it would always stop and return when it saw someone ahead. The elderly folks at the park grew fond of MUMU, commending its good behavior. I couldn't help but feel proud. Throughout the time spent with MUMU, I learned the true meaning of adoption - embarking on a mutual healing journey. MUMU, for every hardship you've endured, I vow to provide you with double the sweetness in life. May our hearts bloom in a romantic universe, cherishing the beauty of everyday life. May the sunset always grace your presence, and may you find your own astronauts and moon in this world. May every shooting star in the sky sparkle for you, illuminating the heavens. May MUMU remain healthy, with eyes filled with radiance, living a sun-kissed and fulfilling life.

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